JaiLai, a former Head Hunter from Lungwa Village poses for a portrait next to his grand sons in his home. It's been years since the tradition of tattooing disappeared, it ended when the headhunting times stopped with the coming of Christianity. Other trad info

Under Our Skin

It’s long ago that headhunting raids came to an end in Nagaland hill territories. The tattoos in their skins are reminders of those violent times, but also proof of their culture and rich traditions. Animist Konyak tribes have been exposed to radical changes in their recent history, including British colonialism, the coming of Christianity in a very aggressive way and lately the rush of technology into their lives, putting their identity in jeopardy.

In this odd and ever changing environment, still their deep-rooted traditions persist in Konyak’s daily life; it’s a silent struggle against what has been imposed to them; a false sense of belonging to a world that has been sold to them as the right one.
The fight is unbalanced, filled with false promises that do not address the real problems in this isolated communities, or deals with them in a precarious way.
As with countless other cultures, it seems inevitable that the ink in their blood will dilute and so will their incredible traditions, to merge into a globalised standard of living.

Konyak woman return home after a day of work near the village of Shiyong, Nagaland info
Yahnyu Müjah Ho (65), sits in her home in Chingdang Village, Nagaland. info
Proselytizing sign of the Baptist Christian Church in a street in Wakching Village, Nagaland. Different signs and simbols are all over the villages. February 15, 2016. info
Wanggok Konyah (72) poses for a portrait in his home in the village of Wasa, Nagaland. info
Villagers from Lungwa smoke opium, heavily introduced by the british in colonial times. Widly popular in the Konyak communities, specialy the ones close to the border with Myanmar. March 3rd 2016. Lungwa, Nagaland, India. info
Minnyem Konyak (92) sits at her traditional kitchen in the village of Shiyong Village, Nagaland. February 25th, 2016. info
The leg of of cow was brought to a family house in Shiyong Village. There is a big meat eating culture in Nagaland. Sometimes in special ocations there will be sacrifices of animals to serve the spirits, even though about 95% of the population is Baptist info
An old Photograph of a villager next to precarious electric instalations in a house near Shiyong Village. Nagaland. Life has definitely changed in this isolated communities with the coming of electricity. At the same time the coming of television has chan info
Toihon Nangnao (103), poses for a portrait with is great grand son Pumen Wangnao (1.5) in her home in Chingdang Village, Nagaland info
Children watch a game of La Liga Espanola (Spanish League) at a family members house. Shiyong Village, Nagaland. Feb 7th, 2016 info
A Konyak woman prepares dinner in her  home in the village of Wasa, Nagaland. info
A man stares out of his home by night in Shiyong Village, Nagaland. Is not long ago that permanent power arrived to this village. The coming of electricity is reshaping the way families interact and socialise. February 19th, 2016. info
Honngo (72 ) the Head Pastor at the Village of Longwa with a Konyak parishioner. The pastors' tatoo reveals his past as a warrior and Animist. Today he spreads the word of Jesus in his Village in a Baptist Church. Konyak tribes in the State of Nagaland ha info
A devote young Baptist Christian woman attends service at Lungwa Village Baptist Church. More than 90% of the population in this village is said to be Christian Baptist. Most of the activities of the community will be organised by the church, including th info
Chingten Konyak (29) poses for a portrait taken in his home in Wakching Village. He is a devoted christian Baptist, who studied Technical Forestry in the state university of Assam. Wakching Village, Nagaland. February 16, 2016. info
Children look back during christian sercvice at Shiyong Village Baptist Church. Nagaland. info
Khampai Müjah Ho (93), an ex Naga warrioir, sits at his son's house in Chingdang Village, Nagaland. February 26, 2016. info
People Attending to Christian sevice on a sunday in the village of Longwa. info
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